Chris and Nicole (the “I do” phase)




Chris and Nicole’s  wedding took place at our local Pine Grove Park. Amazingly, there were very few mud puddles left over from the heavy rains earlier in the week, and the trees still held on to their leaves.  Emotions run high at weddings, and there was no shortage of that here.  Nicole, who for the most part had been as “cool as a cucumber” all morning, choked up once she got out of the car.  But just as quick as it happened, she recomposed herself, looked over at me, and smiled, giving me the opportunity to get one of my favorite shots of the day.

One of my coworkers had been invited, so when I saw Donna, I handed her one of my cameras and said “Start shooting”.  She”s the one who caught the look on Chris’s face just as he was seeing Nicole for the first time. Priceless! Chris barely managed to hold it together during the service, but as soon as they were introduced as husband and wife he was grinning from ear to ear.

Chris and Nicole (the getting ready phase)



Chris and Nicole’s “Big Day” had finally arrived.  The forecast all week was calling for rain, but when I woke that morning I could see blue sky.Thank you Mother Nature for blessing these two with awesome wedding day weather.

I don’t think I really need to add any words to this blog right yet. Here are some pics of the “getting ready” phase.

 After Nicole got ready, I headed over to their house to see what the guys were up to.  They sure did know how to have fun getting ready.  There were no camera shy people here.  They were striking poses all over the place.  Loved the sneaks!  Loved that they needed help getting their shirts buttoned.  Loved the fact that Chris was more nervous than Nicole.