Our 52 – week 6 Pockets of Light

When I draw, I see things differently.  I am more aware of angles, composition, and light, and the same goes for when I pick up my camera. This flows over to being more aware of everything that is going on around you.  It’s easy to close yourself in, and focus only on what is immediately in front of you.  Another reason why it’s good to do projects, it makes you open  your eyes to the wonders that life has to offer.

If you want light

To come into your life

You have to stand

Where it is shining



Step #1- take a picture. Step #2- Hate how your room looks.

You know those house magazines, where everything looks perfect.  Everything has it’s own place, and looks so pretty and organized?  I really wish I could tell you my living room shelf looked this way.  In fact, for me, it was the exact opposite.

When I took this weeks M4H photo, I really didn’t plan on cleaning my living room.  I had plans on working on our kitchen, which is in the midst of getting a face lift.  But after posting my “Shapes” themed photo, I realized how horrible my shelved look.  Plus they were dusty!  Like beyond being able to print your name on them.  Actually I wasn’t liking anything about my living room.

Pinterest is a great resource for whatever you are looking for.  So that is where I ended up going for help (my mother wasn’t available as she and dad were remodelling one of their own rooms). In the end, not only did the shelves get a new look, I cleaned every corner and purged the junk. Brought an old bookcase down from a bedroom and found it a new home, and discovered my old ironing board could do double duty and act as a radiator cover.  Really wish I would have taken a before picture, though I might have been too embarrassed to post it.

Using the advice from someone else’s pin, everything came off the shelves and they got washed down with a good dosing of TSP.  Minimal dusting of the other stuff occurred, as I didn’t want to shock my system too bad.  Then copying a layout that I liked, the books went on first.  Then came off.  The dust jackets had to go.  Back up they went.  Now on to positioning my treasures.  The last picture is how it looked in the end, plus a little detour showing the bookcase on the other end of the room.  Over all, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and I can say there is nothing in this room that doesn’t belong.i-p2dckd7-xli-9bwbmxp-xl

My fat, happy Santa that Tom gave me this year, didn’t get put away with all the other Christmas stuff.  I loved him so much he gets to stay all year round.


As a child with a different name, I NEVER got anything personalized from a store.  EVER.  My mom found these for me at our local thrift store.  Not just one, but two.






Fresh – week 1


Last year (2014), in an attempt to increase my creative juices, I went on the hunt for a photography project. What I found was a group of very talented photographers who were looking for the same thing. That project was hosted by My Four Hens Photography. After a couple of weeks, I got behind, and then just dropped out. I wanted to renew my commitment for self growth, and signed on to complete this years M4H project52 . A new picture each week, which is meant to capture my interpretation of the given theme. I invite you to follow along…


Week 14 – Give me a drink

 52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE


I was overdue for a trip up the street to the Rossignol Cultural Center for a visit with Liz and to sip on one of her amazing cups of chai tea.  This weeks theme for Paint the Moon’s Let’s Do 52 is “Give me a drink” and not that I needed a reason or an excuse to have a tea, but just made the visit that much more interesting.  Once again the first picture is the one I submitted to the photography project, the others are for your enjoyment. Oh, and if you find yourself with nothing to do on a Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm, go grab a coffee or tea, and have a chat with Liz. 

Sorry Liz, I did use the pic of you, but I couldn’t help it, I liked it and you look great.



By My Side

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It is often said, “A house with a pet is a house full of love”.  I fully agree with this.  I grew up with dogs as a part of our family, and couldn’t and wouldn’t want to imagine living with out one.  My pup is now close to 12 and a half years old, though he definitely doesn’t know it.

It is often said, “A house with a pet is a house full of love”.  I fully agree with this.  I grew up with dogs as a part of our family, and couldn’t and wouldn’t want to imagine living without one.  My pup is now close to 12 and a half years old, though he definitely doesn’t know it.

I remember the first time I saw him.  I had gone with my parents to see some puppies that were at the kennel where they boarded their English Setter.  Rock Maple Kennel in Auburndale, outside of Bridgewater, had been breading labs since the 70’s.  I was a little disappointed when we were told that all the puppies had been picked up, but for one.  He had been spoken for, but the family had not come to pick him up.  Almost as if on cue, around the house trotted this black, gangly, long legged, big eared pup.  My first thought was “Oh my. You look like Dumbo with those huge ears”.  He was 10 weeks and all his other litter mates had been gone for 2 weeks.  I picked him up and snuggled him a bit, breathed in his puppy breath, and that was when I knew he was coming home with me.  I secretly think this was my father’s plan all along.  Now, how to convince my husband?

So, back to Liverpool we go.  Tom, Megan and I were home from Halifax for a visit, and with dad as backup, I started my plea to Tom about why we needed this puppy ( I really meant why I needed it, but thought it would be a better sell if I included everyone).  “He’s all alone”, “The other family doesn’t want him”, “Every little girl needs a dog in her life”, etc.  Well it worked!  My husband always claims I get whatever I want.  The next day, on the way home we stop and pick up our newest edition.

Well, 12 and a half years later, Casey is still a big part of our family.  He grew into his legs and ears, and is rarely far from my side.  He’s terrified of thunder and lightening, and will chew his way through a door, literally, if he’s not in the same room with you when a storm comes.   At times he walks so close to me that he has actually pulled my pj bottoms down by stepping on the bottom of the leg.  He shares MY toast with me in the mornings, LOVES when I blow in his face, but hates to have his nails clipped and will stuff his paw into his mouth so I can’t get them.  Whenever I pull the  vacuum  cleaner out I make sure to vacuum Casey first, or he stands right in front of what I’m trying to clean, and will not budge until he gets his turn.  He loves to play catch!   I”ve even caught him  dropping a ball down the steps, then running down to get it, then back up the steps to do it all over again.  It’s nice to have kids that can entertain themselves!  Backyard camp fires can often be more tiring than relaxing with him around.  First, there is the education of those visiting to watch their drinks.  Because Casey is such a social boy, he HAS to be right there with you.  I’ve lost track of how many glasses he’s spilt and broke.  Another favorite game he plays is to stand just outside of the light from the fire and chuck whatever he can find at your feet.  It’s really kindof funny to watch.  You can’t even see him, and then suddenly something flies out of the dark and lands in front of you.  We often joke that he should have went to work for a logging company.  He will go to the woodpile, drag off a piece of wood and bring it back to the fire.  You’re not getting it though, not until he completely debarks it, which he can do pretty quickly.

These are just some of the antics that my dog does.  He makes me smile, and cry.  His sight isn’t what it used to be.  I can now walk over him in the morning and he doesn’t wake up until I poke him.  I can come into the house and he doesn’t hear me.  I’m glad I love him so much that I can deal with the hair. It sucks that they get old, and limp with arthritis.  Casey, you have filled our house with love, and am grateful that that other family left you for us.