Newton to the rescue

Meet Bindi.  She recently had to say goodbye to her old buddy, Rascal, and by the look in those deep brown eyes, you can tell she was a missing him.  Her parents were down as well, and thought everyone could use a pick-me-up, along with a little excitement and happiness.  That’s were Newton comes in.  The evening he arrived, my husband and I went for a visit.  Here are some pics of Bindi and her new little brother.






“Hi, my name is….”


“Hi!  Let me introduce myself, my name is Fritzel.  I’m the new kid at Medway River Stables.  My mom took one look at me and fell instantly in love, but my new brother Frisco isn’t so sure about me yet.  I keep trying to play with him, but he usually just goes back to the house.  I have so much fun playing in the barn, and I’m not scared of anything, even those big horses that keep trying to sniff me… well, maybe they make me a bit nervous, but don’t tell anyone.   I love when new people come for a visit.  I show off just a bit, and steal mom’s horse brushes and anything else that is within my reach.  So if you are bored, why don’t you take a drive and come visit me.  I’m very cute, you know.”