The old man in the wood

My childhood friend sees things. Things that most everyone else doesn’t.  If someone would have told me that Liz would grow up and use a power saw, I would have laughed with every bit of my being.  My memories of her are of ribbons and bows, solos at the music festivals, and oddly enough, calligraphy.

Her first carving class was back in 1993.  Where she is now, is self-employed and doing what she loves, everyday!  Her art is something to be seen, and I was lucky enough to watch as she worked her magic on a piece of birch wood, and released the old man that lived inside.

Images 3 and 4 were submitted to Our 52 Lifestyle project with the theme  Free.    Anyone wanting to see more images from this group, head over here to the super talented Coleen Hodges’s website. She posts a selection of images from each week’s theme, and they are all incredible.

For more of Liz’s work, head over here




Our 52 – week 7 Faceless

I could type lots of quotes and saying about the relationship between a mother and her daughter.  It truly is a gift to become friends after going through the teenage years, although I can’t really say there were many tense or trying times between the two of us.  If there were, I don’t remember them now, because……

     My daughter is super amazing,

     and I’m the lucky one, because I get

     to be her mother!


Here are the rest of the photos from that day.



Our 52 – week 6 Pockets of Light

When I draw, I see things differently.  I am more aware of angles, composition, and light, and the same goes for when I pick up my camera. This flows over to being more aware of everything that is going on around you.  It’s easy to close yourself in, and focus only on what is immediately in front of you.  Another reason why it’s good to do projects, it makes you open  your eyes to the wonders that life has to offer.

If you want light

To come into your life

You have to stand

Where it is shining


Our 52 – week 2 Perspective

A shift in

perspective makes

the particles in your

universe dance to

new possibilities!

                                                              The Afterlife of Billy Fingers                                                                              … a true story by Annie Kagan