Perspective – week 7

Wow, what a winter we have had. When I took the photo of the skies, we were looking at getting another 15-20 cm of snow.  Thankfully we got rain instead.  I remember as a child, walking to school after a storm, and the banks looked HUGE!  We would walk the entire route, on top of those mounds, and pretend they were whales.  This winter, those banks on the side of the roads, have really impressed me.  First time in years.  I’m starting to think Spring is a myth.





Pastel – week 6


What do you do with the photos you take that don’t make the cut? I somehow feel bad that they just sit on my computer, or end up in the recycle bin.There are times that at the last minute, before I hit that upload button to submit my weekly shot, I change my mind. From now on, if I have multiple images of a given theme, I’m not going to throw them away. Instead I’m sharing them here. It’s also a good reason, or motivation to work on my website, and blog a bit more, though I am not a very good story teller. lol!

~Teddy and Dino lie in wait for some playtime, and add a little splash of color to the bleak winter day.

~My new mug from my parents. Have to say in blends very well with the new kitchen colors.

~My original idea for this weeks theme was my oil pastels. The whole reason I got in to photography was because of my drawing and art. When I went to submit this photo, I noticed 2 other people had the same idea.

~My final image was the one that I ended up adding to the group. When I shared this image to my personal fb page, I posted it as belonging to my father. My mother quickly corrected me, and informed me that my Great Grandmother had made it for one of her children. That would put it around one hundred years old. I really should find a way to display it, instead of putting it away.  i-7dv2wgj-xl




Small – week 5


My daughter isn’t small any more. She is 19 and away from home going to school. We are alike in so many ways. Lately I find myself going to her room, and looking at the items left behind that are so much her. It chokes me up to think how quickly she has gone from being small, to living in a city, being responsible for herself, grocery shopping, planning meals, and juggling a hectic school life. My little girl, with her red hair up in a pony tail, giving me the look that she will conquer the world. That is how I will always see her.


Fresh – week 1


Last year (2014), in an attempt to increase my creative juices, I went on the hunt for a photography project. What I found was a group of very talented photographers who were looking for the same thing. That project was hosted by My Four Hens Photography. After a couple of weeks, I got behind, and then just dropped out. I wanted to renew my commitment for self growth, and signed on to complete this years M4H project52 . A new picture each week, which is meant to capture my interpretation of the given theme. I invite you to follow along…




Week 11’s topic is patterns.  Sitting home with my sick little kiddo, trying to help time pass, I decided to crochet her a warm fuzzy scarf to put a smile back on her face. It turned out ok, but not really what I wanted.  I then grabbed some cotton and made some dish clothes, which actually were more of a hit. They likely won’t find their way into my kitchen drawer, but  into the tote set aside for stuff she will need for next year, when she moves away for school.




M4H- wk5- Noise


Noise.  We are all familiar with it.  At times welcome it, and other times wish we could get rid of it with a flick of a switch.  But try and find an original image that depicts it, that is unique and not already used? Difficult.

After a very busy week at work, I found myself over stimulated by noise, traffic, and a lack of time to catch my breath.  All I wanted by the end of the shift, was to sit in a totally dark room, with no one else. Just me, and the quiet. Ok, so ER’s aren’t usually a place to relax.  I get that.  Construction in our hospital has been ongoing for over a year.  Noise has come in the form of bulldozers, to jack hammers, to other departments having to share our space so we can still provide healthcare to our community.  The walls are  literally closing in on us.  Where am I going with this?  Well, what I really wanted to do, was set my camera up at floor level, and capture time-lapse photos of how much traffic goes through our department in a run of a shift. Would have been cool.  Would not have been allowed though.  Darn!

From there I make the jump to another thought.  How do I shut out noise.  Earplugs.  Not very pretty though. Scrap that idea.  As I made a smoothie this morning, I realized they are the perfect food to wake up to and start my day.  But I don’t make them routinely because my blender makes so much noise.  I  have occasionally taken it into the downstairs bathroom and wrapped it in a towel to muffle the noise.  All so I don’t disturb the rest of the family on a weekend morning.  I’m so considerate! The lure of a refreshing smoothie is strong._MG_8510