Baby It’s Cold Outside




Wk 4-Chill

After coming in from shoveling the driveway, my nose and ears are chilled, but my feet are nice and toasty inside my awesomely warm Baffin boots!




I tried to work my brain this week, just a little more than usual.  I feel like my imagination at times, is locked away, in a backroom of my brain.  Could that be from trying to juggle working fulltime, letting the dog out every hour to just walk around and sniff stuff, to being 1/3 of a busy family trying to accomplish something in a house that always needs something put away? I look at all the other images posted by others in this project, and while I do find inspiration, I also find myself wondering how they do it.  I’m sure they are just as busy as I am.

This weeks topic was repeating.  While cleaning up some stuff in the basement, I came across a few of my piano books.  Hmmm, there are repeats in music. There are even words and symbols that mean repeats, though I’m sure not everyone would know what I meant if I used them in my picture.

Segno and coda repeats in music.

I compromised, and found this…. For those who can read music, I count 5 repeats on this one sheet. For those who can’t, look for the sets of darker lines.  They are accompanies by dots that look like this “:”.  This piece is “Sonatina Op. 48, No.5 (Second Movement: Rondo)”, taken from Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 6.  This actually makes me want to go sit at my piano and play.


PTM Let’s do 52 – Fresh


Why not jump in with both feet?  Why not!  Week 1 of Paint the Moon Let’s do 52 – topic FRESH

I usually hang my clothes to dry, outside or in.  It has been way too cold, -15, to hang outside, so, aghast, into the dryer they went.  I always feel like I’ve commited a crime using the dryer.  I can already see my goal for this and the other project…., try and be a little more creative, and perhaps, leave the house.


Week 14 – Give me a drink

 52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE


I was overdue for a trip up the street to the Rossignol Cultural Center for a visit with Liz and to sip on one of her amazing cups of chai tea.  This weeks theme for Paint the Moon’s Let’s Do 52 is “Give me a drink” and not that I needed a reason or an excuse to have a tea, but just made the visit that much more interesting.  Once again the first picture is the one I submitted to the photography project, the others are for your enjoyment. Oh, and if you find yourself with nothing to do on a Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm, go grab a coffee or tea, and have a chat with Liz. 

Sorry Liz, I did use the pic of you, but I couldn’t help it, I liked it and you look great.



Week 13 – Get Emotional

52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE


Getting emotional is something I find myself doing more and more over the past year. I have no doubt that it is because time is slipping away too quickly. My little red headed toddler is now a 16 yr old with her beginners, she dyes that beautiful red hair dark, and in 2 short years will be out of high school. We are soon going to be on the Prom Dress hunt, and a coworker thought Meg might be interested in borrowing one of her daughter’s dresses. This is one of those dresses, and it is a long, to the floor dress. I have been informed many times that full length dresses are for those graduating, but I couldn’t help wishing she would give in. It would look beautiful on her. So I quickly hung it on her door this morning, no real staging for this pic, though did clear off the shelf a bit so her name could be seen. Didn’t really straighten out the wrinkles in the fabric, but hey, I can’t see them right now through the tears.




Week 12 – Vintage Charm

52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE


A quick grab from the attic.  My teddy from my childhood, and my grandmother’s suitcase and gloves.



After I took the pic above, I wasn’t really happy with what I had done.  I felt like something was missing from the shot.  I was tidying up my dresser and thought the tea cup that I used to hold some of my jewelry would make for a nice subject.  Throw in some pearls and an old watch…. happy with the results.