Hot coffee and oak cakes welcomed me when I walked through the door to play with Vincent.  It’s easy to forget sometimes how busy toddlers can be, and I certainly had a workout following him around his grandparent’s house.  So much love surrounds this little man.


Our 52 – week 7 Faceless

I could type lots of quotes and saying about the relationship between a mother and her daughter.  It truly is a gift to become friends after going through the teenage years, although I can’t really say there were many tense or trying times between the two of us.  If there were, I don’t remember them now, because……

     My daughter is super amazing,

     and I’m the lucky one, because I get

     to be her mother!


Here are the rest of the photos from that day.



Scarlett & The Bump

Chris and Nicole have been with me from the beginning. They are now more like family than friends, as they have included me in every big milestone that has come along. The walls of their house are covered in photos that I have taken, something that makes me beyond happy, as my walls are pretty bare.

Christmas and an every growing bump, were good enough reasons to get together for some more wall art. Two minutes after getting out of the car, it started to sprinkle, luckily though, it did stop and we were able to corral Scarlett long enough to get the job done.img_0188-xlimg_0194-xlimg_0195-xlimg_0196-edit-xlimg_0210-xlimg_0216-xlimg_0230-xlimg_0295-xlimg_0320-x3img_0350-xlimg_0383-x3img_0386-x3img_0390-xlimg_0396-xlimg_0435-xlimg_0447-xlimg_0456-x3img_0477-xlimg_0450-xlimg_0250-xl

nursing ms morgan

“It’s just a cat!” This is what I kept telling myself last summer when Ms Morgan got sick and had to spend 2 nights at our local vet clinic.  “It’s just a cat!”  But after returning to our house from that ordeal, this “cat” was more affectionate and attached to us than I thought possible.

January came.  Morgan again didn’t look right. She was starving but eating tons, thirsty, and throwing up almost daily.  Ugh!  Once again I found myself saying, “It’s just a cat!”  Then I find myself sitting in the bathroom, with a cat who was throwing up, looking like someone just sucked every bit of fat out of her, but was still purring and rubbing against my hand, and looking up at me with these eyes that had no idea of what was going through my head.  That’s when it hit me.  She wasn’t just a cat.  She was a part of our family and I just couldn’t give up on her.

Well, the results from her blood test was that she had a hyperactive thyroid gland. Considering many of the alternative causes for her wt loss, this was an easy fix.  So Ms Morgan is back on the road to recovery.  She is gaining weight, and I awoke the other morning to a sound I couldn’t tell you when I heard it last.  The sound of a toy being chased across the kitchen floor.






She curls for him

We take for granted that our family, be it immediate or distant, will always be there for you. This past month, we said goodbye to my grandfather. Those of us who deals with “end of life events” daily, through our choice of work, are not protect from the hurt, tears, and upheaval when we lose one of our own.

For me, one of the hardest moments, was sitting at his funeral, listening to the member of the Norweigian Consul to NS, Steinar Engeset, speak. It was then that it really hit home, I was never going to hear my grandfather speak with his thick accent again. I remember wanting to learn to speak to him in his native tongue, and tried to get him to teach me. He had laughed, and said something to me that I was suppose to repeat. Well, I didn’t know how to make the sounds needed, so that is where the lesson ended.

There are many memories that will comfort me as time goes on. Each spring we would venture outside, under the cover of darkness, to dig those night-crawling worms, so we could go fishing the next morning. I’m amazed we ever caught anything, because I can’t imagine that I shut up long enough for the fish to come near us. But we did catch some. My prize was usually catfish, which we brought home, alive, and I tried to keep them as pets.

There was car drives through Lunenburg during the Christmas season to look at all the houses with their bright lights, sitting on his lap while I played with that dreadful stuff called playdough. Napping outside in the old rubber dingy I would make him inflate for me every chance I got. Waking up to the smell of breakfast when we stayed over, and no one could fry hamburgers like he could. And the list goes on….. Knowing how to do my advanced math homework, way better then I did, when I was in grade 11. Eating all of his Jello-Pudding-Pops and hiding the evidence, thinking that he would never find out. He did, and just stopped buying them. Raiding his hard candy tin. Or how he used to tease me that when I was little I used to say, “Sandy, grampy. I want sandy”, and how it took him a while to realize I meant candy.

My grandfather, John, was born in Bodø, Norway. There were always symbols of his home land around when we were growing up. Many a Christmas, my sisters and I would dress up in our Norweigian dresses, then later, my daughter Megan, and Katherine’s daughter Mila, would wear the same ones.

I guess the reason why I am writing this, all stems from something that happened yesterday. While at the curling club in Bridgewater, my daughter called over to me, and said, “Mom, can I get a new broom head? They have one with a Norweigian Flag on it.” Well the answer to that was a no brainer, of course! My grandfather had curled for many years. Although he didn’t get to see Megan curl in person, he did see many pictures of her in action.

This weekend, as Megan and the Bachman Team head into another provincial tournament, Megan’s broom will don the symbolic flag of Norway. I hope he is watching, and I would like to think, she will curl for him.

Jeg elsker deg, grampy!


It Started With A Kiss And Ended Like This




It has been way too long since my last post.  A point which is both an embarrassment, and a surprises to me. It also serves as a reminder for me to slow down, and enjoy the “now”.  So as the wind howls and the snow swirls, I am going to tell you about a first for me….. a maternity session.

Lisa and Adam are known to me from a wedding I photographed for Lisa’s brother Chris, and his wife Nicole. You can check them out here. I love this whole family, because they know how to have fun, are relaxed in front of the camera, and ask me to capture their memories. Bonus!

Some planning did go into this session, because as I said, I had never done belly pics before.  Lisa and I chatted back and forth, shared ideas and pics we had found online, and got more excited with each message.    With only weeks left before their family was to grow by one, we got together and had some fun.  It was obvious Adam was love-struck by his beautiful wife, and would do whatever she wanted.  He made faces, and acted a bit goofy at times, but all to keep Lisa happy.

Thank you Lisa and Adam, and Zoe-pup, for letting me spend the afternoon with you.  And for the record, if you hear any stories of me pushing Zoe down the stairs, don’t believe them. They are all lies…..

Stay tuned for part deux.