Jeff and Holly



Coworkers are like extended family.  Sometimes you end up spending more time with them in a run of a week,  then your do with your own family. You can pick up on their moods, both happy and sad, as soon as they walk through the door. You know what their favorite foods are.  You help them pick out names for their pets.  You  remember when their birthdays are.   My “work family” is made up of some very awesome people, and I count Holly right in there with this group.  Holly is an amazing nurse.  You never hear a word of complaint from her, she goes about her job providing for her patients with compassion and dignity.  She’s also beautiful!  A fact that I don’t think she realizes.  When she asked if I would take her wedding pictures, my immediate thought was that she was going to look gorgeous  in a wedding dress.  How could I not say yes?

Jeff and Holly chose Jeff’s brother’s farm for the setting of their engagement pics.  We were going to meet at Cresent Beach.   Holly ended up running late, so she sent Jeff to meet me.  I hadn’t met him before, but I did recognize Jack, Holly’s pup, sitting in the front seat of a red truck. There’s another example of how coworkers get to know each other, we can pick each others pets out of a crowd.

They were both pretty nervous in the beginning, but as we went along you could visibly see them relax.  Especially when Jeff asked if they could kiss, and I told him by all means do so.  Every time Jeff  looked at Holly, you could tell how much he loved her.   The count down is on for 08/25/12. I am so happy for you two.

Oh, and there’s a little story as to why there is only 1 pic of Jack…..  and it goes something like this.

Take a dog.

Let him loose in a cow pasture.

Watch him roll….        Nuff  said.




When you live in “Small Town Anywhere”, your life is full of connections.  Some you are familiar with, and others you don’t know about until someone walks you through why you should know someone.  That is how it happened  with Chris and Nicole.

My husband’s cousin, Michelle contacted me on facebook last year, wondering if I would be interested in taking the wedding pictures for her best friend.  I tossed the idea around for awhile.  First off, who were these people that they were willing to trust me to document one of their most important days.  Secondly, could I manage the responsibility.  Michelle assured me that I could.  She then told  me  how I actually do know who they are. Chris’s parents live down the street from mine.  His father was my daughter’s school bus driver during elementary school, and his mother worked with my mom in the school cafeteria.  Nicole’s mom used to run the local pet store, and had on occasion clipped my dog’s nails.  So after some thought, I agreed to be their photographer. As for Chris and Nicole, the first time I met them was an  evening when we scheduled an engagement session that got cut short because of rain.  When Nicole contacted me a few days later to pick another date, she informed me that she thought Chris was more excited than she was for round two.  It turned out to be a perfect day.

Well, the date is getting closer.  October is but a few very short months away. Today Nicole and I got together to discuss her ideas, visit the location of the ceremony and point out spots that would be good to have pictures taken.  I couldn’t help taking a few pics along the way.

I’m happy with myself for saying “yes”, and glad to have made another connection.


Here’s a few from the  engagement session done last fall.