Let’s Have A Party

February 26th is a special day for me, and one of the girls on Megan’s curling team.  This year there were two milestones being reached.  Ashley was turning 16, and well, I don’t like to think about it, but I was turning 40.  Holy crow, where did the time go.  When I turned 16, I was away with the girls and boys basketball teams, and got to celebrate at a MacDonald’s restaurant.  Cake and party hats included.  Only fitting that I spend my 40th away with a sports team.  No cheap cake this time (sorry MacDonald’s).  Ashley’s mom brought along gourmet cupcakes, and oh my were they good.  So a huge thank you to my curling family for celebrating these two important birthdays with Ashley and me.  For making the record breaking shopping trip to the mall.  For the liquid refreshments I received as gifts. For the emergency hairspray run to the curling club.  It will be a weekend to remember!