Step #1- take a picture. Step #2- Hate how your room looks.

You know those house magazines, where everything looks perfect.  Everything has it’s own place, and looks so pretty and organized?  I really wish I could tell you my living room shelf looked this way.  In fact, for me, it was the exact opposite.

When I took this weeks M4H photo, I really didn’t plan on cleaning my living room.  I had plans on working on our kitchen, which is in the midst of getting a face lift.  But after posting my “Shapes” themed photo, I realized how horrible my shelved look.  Plus they were dusty!  Like beyond being able to print your name on them.  Actually I wasn’t liking anything about my living room.

Pinterest is a great resource for whatever you are looking for.  So that is where I ended up going for help (my mother wasn’t available as she and dad were remodelling one of their own rooms). In the end, not only did the shelves get a new look, I cleaned every corner and purged the junk. Brought an old bookcase down from a bedroom and found it a new home, and discovered my old ironing board could do double duty and act as a radiator cover.  Really wish I would have taken a before picture, though I might have been too embarrassed to post it.

Using the advice from someone else’s pin, everything came off the shelves and they got washed down with a good dosing of TSP.  Minimal dusting of the other stuff occurred, as I didn’t want to shock my system too bad.  Then copying a layout that I liked, the books went on first.  Then came off.  The dust jackets had to go.  Back up they went.  Now on to positioning my treasures.  The last picture is how it looked in the end, plus a little detour showing the bookcase on the other end of the room.  Over all, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and I can say there is nothing in this room that doesn’t belong.i-p2dckd7-xli-9bwbmxp-xl

My fat, happy Santa that Tom gave me this year, didn’t get put away with all the other Christmas stuff.  I loved him so much he gets to stay all year round.


As a child with a different name, I NEVER got anything personalized from a store.  EVER.  My mom found these for me at our local thrift store.  Not just one, but two.






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