Down to Business- Sunday Jan19th

I don’t need to say much here, the pictures speak for themselves.  My only comments would be, I’ll continue to take pictures and leave my coaching card in a box on the shelf.  Listening to the discussion of what shots to take, or what the other team might do 3 shots from now, confirms my belief that I was right in getting out while I still knew more than the 12yr olds I was coaching.

There are still lots of photos I want to share, so look for part 3 to come soon.  In the second set of photos, the curler in the bright blue shirt is Christopher Rafuse, a junior in the spare pool from the Bridgewater Curling Club.  All-in, I do believe 6 of the 8 spares got a chance to get on the ice.  An incredible, inspiring experience.  Towards the end of this post, you might notice a familiar face.  My favorite curler got to spare for Team Nunavut, and I got to take pictures of her doing it!

***So here is an after-publishing-post edit.  As you scroll down through these photos, you will notice a womens team dressed in purple.  That is Team Kolton.  They are going to be playing in the Scotties in Montreal this coming week. Incredible, right?  This was one talented field of curlers.  Read about the team here.


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