nursing ms morgan

“It’s just a cat!” This is what I kept telling myself last summer when Ms Morgan got sick and had to spend 2 nights at our local vet clinic.  “It’s just a cat!”  But after returning to our house from that ordeal, this “cat” was more affectionate and attached to us than I thought possible.

January came.  Morgan again didn’t look right. She was starving but eating tons, thirsty, and throwing up almost daily.  Ugh!  Once again I found myself saying, “It’s just a cat!”  Then I find myself sitting in the bathroom, with a cat who was throwing up, looking like someone just sucked every bit of fat out of her, but was still purring and rubbing against my hand, and looking up at me with these eyes that had no idea of what was going through my head.  That’s when it hit me.  She wasn’t just a cat.  She was a part of our family and I just couldn’t give up on her.

Well, the results from her blood test was that she had a hyperactive thyroid gland. Considering many of the alternative causes for her wt loss, this was an easy fix.  So Ms Morgan is back on the road to recovery.  She is gaining weight, and I awoke the other morning to a sound I couldn’t tell you when I heard it last.  The sound of a toy being chased across the kitchen floor.






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