It Started With A Kiss And Ended Like This




It has been way too long since my last post.  A point which is both an embarrassment, and a surprises to me. It also serves as a reminder for me to slow down, and enjoy the “now”.  So as the wind howls and the snow swirls, I am going to tell you about a first for me….. a maternity session.

Lisa and Adam are known to me from a wedding I photographed for Lisa’s brother Chris, and his wife Nicole. You can check them out here. I love this whole family, because they know how to have fun, are relaxed in front of the camera, and ask me to capture their memories. Bonus!

Some planning did go into this session, because as I said, I had never done belly pics before.  Lisa and I chatted back and forth, shared ideas and pics we had found online, and got more excited with each message.    With only weeks left before their family was to grow by one, we got together and had some fun.  It was obvious Adam was love-struck by his beautiful wife, and would do whatever she wanted.  He made faces, and acted a bit goofy at times, but all to keep Lisa happy.

Thank you Lisa and Adam, and Zoe-pup, for letting me spend the afternoon with you.  And for the record, if you hear any stories of me pushing Zoe down the stairs, don’t believe them. They are all lies…..

Stay tuned for part deux.


One thought on “It Started With A Kiss And Ended Like This

  1. I too know these people…they are the some of the nicest and loving people I know…I have chills looking at their pictures…you can see the love in their eyes….Beautiful tribute to beautiful people Kirsten

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