Chris and Nicole (the getting ready phase)



Chris and Nicole’s “Big Day” had finally arrived.  The forecast all week was calling for rain, but when I woke that morning I could see blue sky.Thank you Mother Nature for blessing these two with awesome wedding day weather.

I don’t think I really need to add any words to this blog right yet. Here are some pics of the “getting ready” phase.

 After Nicole got ready, I headed over to their house to see what the guys were up to.  They sure did know how to have fun getting ready.  There were no camera shy people here.  They were striking poses all over the place.  Loved the sneaks!  Loved that they needed help getting their shirts buttoned.  Loved the fact that Chris was more nervous than Nicole.


5 thoughts on “Chris and Nicole (the getting ready phase)

  1. Kirsten,these pictures are sooooo beautiful.Thanks for making Chris & Nicole’s day so perfect with all the memories in photos.Great,great job.Aunt Jude

    1. Makes me cry all over again! You were the perfect photographer and we are so happy Michelle thought of you 🙂 We can’t thank you enough for capturing the biggest and best day of our life! We will look back on these very often and breathe in every moment, Kirsten you truly are the best! Much love, the Bride and Groom xoxox!

  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful and something you will be able to look at time and again as something new keeps popping up. Love Aunt Sue

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