Grade 9 Final Dance (Prom)


My daughter’s grade 9 Prom, or Prance, or whatever you may  call it, was last week.  This year I was NOT going to stay at home while she went to her friend’s house to get ready.  So camera in hand, up the street I go, arriving before they did because they were running just a bit behind at the hairdressers. As I was sitting on the steps waiting, I wondered why I wasn’t at the hair studio with them, then remembered Megan had informed me, “It’s only a grade 9 dance, Mom”.

Though some say it’s not a Prom until grade 12, this is the title the kids have given their final dance of the year, and they certainly looked the part. I think they had just as much fun getting ready as they did at the dance.  Oh, and did I mention there was a birthday cake?  Not ashamed to say I swiped some frosting from my daughter’s plate.





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